Are there built in for broker client API in IS?

I need a flow service to check using some filters how many unread documents are in the client queue. This can be done in java using broker client admin jars.

I was wondering -there should be some builtins/service which WM internally is using to display all the details in the MWS.

IS version is 8

Not sure, but check WmBrokerAdmin package

Is this in 8 ? I believe that was in 6.5 . After that it was deprecated/not available.
Looks like I have to write java flow service on top of the provided java API.
Let me know your thoughts.

You are correct, its not in 8.x or 7.x.

One of the reason being that the broker management now is available from MWS.

Well in that case you will have to create a java service.