Can anyone explain how to sync a package using archive method in clear steps?

What sync are you talking above?

Are you trying to deploy a already existing package from one env to another or a complete new package?


May be her question is related to Version controling system


It’s your time to tell what exactly you are doing?

OK…I will let her respond and clarify:

Yes , I’m trying to deploy already existing package from one env to other.

Just I want to know how to archive a package to create a zip file and make it to deploy in other server.

Go to Admin page---->Packages—>Management----->Package list

Identify the package you want to archive and click on Archive.

Then the package zip is created in the Installpath\SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\replicate\outbound

copy the package zip and paste in the Installpath\SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\replicate\Inbound path of the target server and install the package from Admin page---->Packages—>Management—>Install Inbound releases


you can simply use deployer and deploy the package by creating Deployer Project

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Please follow the above instructions and it’s the different ways to go with: