Archive Integration Server files after a period (Purge)

Hi All,
I have a requirement where i need to archive the files from certain folders(Used in application logic) to different Purge location(Maybe FTP). So whats the best way to achieve it? My workaround is as below, but i donnow whether it works for n no of files.

  1. Get the filepaths from fileaccess.cnf
    2.Get the each files from the paths.
    3.Process it(Do a FTP to some storage location).- Can be done in different thread using publish

But i don’t think its good method to achieve this. Any ideas are welcome.

Thanks & Regards,

What is the underlying OS?..Can’t your sys admins assist by some ad-hoc script doing the similar job for purging/moving?

Why unnecessary want to overhead to IS for this maintenance task?


That’s how the middle east clients are. Underlying OS is UNIX. Anyways, the problem is we have around 40 external systems interacting with Integration Server an we have around 300 directories created for processing.

Ex: interface01/monitoring;interface01/processing;interface01/error;interface01/archive

Its a tedious job for anyone.


But it isn’t IS done job either… if you agree.:slight_smile: And you are talking of too many directories and this kind of activity better leverage doing it from OS shell or ksh script.

Of course when the script is ready to test you can invoke it with IS service command level .Is that a possible option for you to work with?


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