Architecture suggestion


i need a suggestion regarding the implementing following Scenario :

Company1 (buyer) is sending Purchase Order to Company2 (seller )

i have installed Rosettanet module and created seller model ( because my company is seller ) and activted the process in monitor , when customer is trying send the document i am able to see in TN Console

But when i receive this document they are not getting Acknowledge ment

my issue is :

  1. Company1 is also must have Rosettanet + WM 6.1 implementation to receive acknowledgement ?

  2. When i receive the Purchase Order I need to write in to Flatfile and FTP in to another server , if i do this what type of model i have to use for implement this ?

For the Second issue, If the purchase order your getting is an EDI X12 Transcation 850 then the only this u nnedto do is to extract the data from the transcation segement convert into string and then into flatfile and upload to the FTP server. It you are getting a flatfile, then you to process it through gateway service then you can decided whether to directly upload to FTP or to convert into another format and then upload…

For the First Issue, if it is an EDI document then the client will get the respective EDI ackowledgement document, which must be set in the Trading Network by you. As you are receiving and processing. SO there are opition in TN to send the ack as u get the document…

  1. No, they don’t need anything in particular for IS/TN to create and send the appropriate ack.

  2. I’d avoid using a model for this as there is probably little benefit. Use normal FLOW services.

For v_rock, RosettaNet uses ebXML, not EDI documents.