Architectural overview with the different component

I’m looking for a architectural overview picture. Where I can see how the various components e.g.: MyWebMethods, Integration Server, Optimize, Mashzone are interconnected to each other.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find such an overview in the documentation.

Regards Dirk

Hi Dirk,

Even I posted the same query see below: :slight_smile: And I am still working on this. I will let you know once I get.

If you get to know something please inform me.

I once attended to a SAG workshop where they talked about the enterprise pyramid and place each component in a stack fashion.

Services in the bottom, then BPM, then ARIS and finally top governance components like alphabet.

I can’t find any diagram like that on the web but I found this, it might help:


It is a consulting business gem… so no one will put reference architecture

LOL Not sure if it’s such a gem. Much of the communication between the components is well known and public knowledge.

Now, one reason why you typically don’t see a diagram like this is because the communication between the products can vary greatly depending on what you use them for. If you try to capture everything, you will end up with a spider web that is just confusing. If you try to capture just the communication that is common across all, you will end up with a diagram that is too simplistic and adds no value.

But hey, let’s give it a shot! Why not? Google Drawing is not the best tool for the job, but it’s likely that everyone here has a Google account by now, right? I created a draft drawing here with some basic lines of communication. Let’s see if we can build on it or at least spark an interesting conversation.