Applinx Working Files in App

Newbie here - setting up Applinx environment for the first time -
can someone explaine how Working Folders are used in an app ?
I assume you define them when you have multiple developers working in the same app?
We have 4 developers working on one app and am
trying to figure if setting up Working Folders will keep them from
stepping on each others work .

Hi Kat,
Usually folders are used for several usages:

  1. Devide the application into logical sub application modules.
  2. For storing different type of entities (screens, procedures etc)
  3. To allocate a working environment per developer.

So you can use the folders to allocate the work per developer and by this to help them avoid stepping on each others work…

Hope this helps.


Is there any documentation to follow to correctly use/setup the folders. We are adding a couple developers (currently I am the only one) and we do not want to step on each others work.


the `Users: Roles and Permissions’ should be helpful.


We decided not to use Folders. Folders were too confusing, particularly in debug.
On our Applinx development server, we have an app called CISDEV (this is the master DEV app that the DBA migrates to TEST and PROD)
Each Developer has their own app - CISDEV1, CISDEV2 with their own Service WebServiceLogonPool defines as fixed with 1 userid. They can export/import from their app in and out of the CISDEV (master). They coordinate with each other, so they don’t step on each other.
We do regular full exports of the Master CISDEV app, so we can restore it if we need to.