application runtime configurations for system portlets

Hi All

Even if i change the Integration server Credentials how the system portlets (wm_tn,wm_bam_instance,wm_rules) are working fine with out changing any environmet entries (user-name,password) and also calling webservice connectors without giving any exceptions like access denied…

please suggest is there any option to do the same for custom portlets

wm_tn using webservice connectors for the below IS services


I’m sorry. I think you’ll need to post this to the IS/TN forum. (I know it isn’t obvious when the question is CAF specific vs other product specific)


mark, i am asking configuration about MWS application runtime configuration
of built-in portlet applications (wm_tn,wm_bam_instance,wm_rules)

How it comes under TN/IS forums…

i hope you understand my question :slight_smile:

The teams that developed those portlets (TN, Optimize, etc…) don’t monitor this forum and I can’t provide support for their products. So, I’m suggesting that the best way for you to get support for these specific portlets, you’ll need to post these questions to the forums focused on their products.


Thanks for your suggestion.