Application looping on com.covigo.flow.action.MissedValueExc

When deployed on a PDA, my application is looping on an exception, com.covigo.flow.action.MissedValueException.

I can recreate this with the ZipCodeMappings example from the Tamino Mobile Suite. Simply add “Mini_Engine_1_0” as a target, then build and deploy the CAB file to the PDA.

When executed on the PDA, the initial HTML page isn’t displayed but the application loops forever. The flow.log file shows:

“parse bookmark /
get controller: :State StartModel:Start
Go :Enter zipcode
Transition accomplished successful
get controller: :State StartModel:Enter zipcode
com.covigo.flow.action.MissedValueException: Can`t get value ZIP from Request”

The last two lines are continuosly repeated.

ZIP is defined as String and according to some debug code I inserted, the failure occurs on the line “Set ZIP = ZIP”.

This application does startup in the debugger so I was expecting it to do so also on the PDA.


This is a bug and fixed in the next version.

Thanks for your response, Waltraud.

Can you say approximately when the next version is due, please?


Approx. end of this month, if we do not find again a showstopper :slight_smile: