Apigateway unable to connect to Terracotta cluster (SSL)

We have configured SSL communication for APIGATEWAY and TERRACOTTA , Terracotta two nodes were able to start and joined the cluster in active passive mode.but API gateway on startup throwing error in server log.
Actions perfomed before startup:
1)cleared Terracotta data folders
2)added certificates at Java cacerts on all the nodes
3)wild card certificates used across all components
Error:PFAError.txt (31.8 KB)

Hi Rakesh,

please specify your version and check if you have the latest Fixes applied.

According to the error message this looks like either Classloading issue or incorrect config.
Please check for the SoftwareAG-IS-Core.xml mentioned in your log snippet.


Hi Holger, Thank you for your quick response, We are running on 10.7, and with the latest fixes,here I’ve attached config filesSoftwareAG-IS-Core.xml (7.3 KB)
tc-config.xml (3.0 KB)
Do we need to change anything as part of cluster configurations in SoftwareAG-IS-Core.xml ? I don’t see anything in the documentation.

Note that your config files vs error message have different IPs - 10.190.0.* vs 172.25.20.*

Could not fetch configuration data from 2 different configuration sources” implies that the IS is not able to reach either/both the TC nodes.


Sorry for the confusion,The error message is from actual environment,since I couldn’t able to get config files from that environment I replicated same in my local environment and shared the config files,Thanks

Well, the fundamental point still applies that your actual environment’s IS instance is unable to reach either/both the TC nodes, which is what the error message explains. Can you check the connectivity from the remote IS to the target TC IPs and ports?


Hello Kasi,
I have verified with telnet I was able to connect. Since we have replicated the same in another environment, the issue remains the same.

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