API for restarting a Flow Service

I have a Flow which calls a Java Application by initilizing a object of it and gets files from Queue on a remote QM and if while processing, QM connection fails, i have to restart the flow service.
application returns a return code when processing is incomplete ( getting files ).

Basically i want know the API for the Flow to Run again to get the files.

I am using a Custom Java Application because it is doing Application Segmentation so i cant use MQAdapter.

Thanks in Advance

I see two possibilities:

  1. Run the flow in a scheduled service

or better,

  1. In the flow, put the java service call in a repeat and set the repeat to “repeat on failure.”



Thanks for quick reply.

The Flow which is calling Java Apps is itself part of anothe Flow which does complete Error and Exception Handling.

Putting the Flow in Repeat Loop of fails makes sense…but i am doubting will this create a problem as it might go in infinite loop sometimes.

Repeat stament will not go into infinate loop it will simply repeat the step or execution untill it is success or repeat numbre is reached. Then if exception still continues and failing your top level flow will catch that.