Anyone used resubmitPipeline resubmitInstanceStep

Further background for my own post:
We wonder if one of those services will make it available for us to do reposting from errorlog via own monitor-application.

I’ve used resubmitInstanceStep successfully, as part of a modified Monitor application.

The key is to set up a DSP page (or sequence of pages) which first invokes wm.monitor.instanceSteps:getStepDetails to load the pipeline, and then invokes wm.monitor.instanceControl:resubmitInstanceStep to resubmit the step.

I would use the DSP pages at IntegrationServer/packages/WmMonitor/pub as a starting point.

I’m having a problem invoking resubmitInstanceStep from a flow, however. The type of the “stepPipeline” input is Object, but I can’t find any documentation telling me what sort of Object each of the array elements should be. I assume it has to involve a name/value pair, but I can’t find any type in com.wm.* which corresponds to a name/value pair. The closest I see is a Values object (which is a vector, not a pair).

Update: solved my own problem. It turns out you can pass an IData object in to resubmitInstanceStep, and it will do whatever casting is necessary. It’s even possible the documentation showing Object as the input type is outdated.

Regardless, pub.monitor.process.instanceSteps returns IData stepData, and that contains IData stepPipeline, which can be used without reformatting as input to pub.monitor.process.instanceControl:resubmitInstanceStep.


I am facing the same issue mapping the pipeline data to the resubmitInstanceStep.

Can you tell me how did you use this step for resubmitting the data.

Ashish Bhatia