Any Suggestion : Practise tutorial for Web Methods

Hi All,
Greetings I am new in this forum and quite excited to work on WM. I would like to ask you , if there is any good practice document with examples.

Thanks a tons.


Please refer to the tutorials available on empower/advantage sites for learning purpose… I suggest to undergo the “integration workshop” which is a class room material to start learning webMethods…

Hi Dev Expert,
Thanks for your reply, I have already send an email to Empower. and i have also learned some online material like web method intro and fundamentals.
I am looking for some some small code examples to start with for flow service/ and different pipleline elements like Is document type etc.
Do you think that kind of small practical example , I can get from somewhere?

Thanks again.

You can find sample codes/packages on advantage/empower (hope now it’s also available there) …