Any known issues with the HP/UX JVM

Current environment is IS/TN 4.6, HP/UX 11, and HP/UX JVM 1.2.

We witness many unexplained socket errors with the public client.ftp services. I’m looking for anyone familiar with Java and HP/UX for suggestions. webMethods has supplied us with Fix83 to correct the FTP passive mode operation when listing empty remote directories. But that has been it.

One problem is that the login, ls, put, or get services will just hang. The scheduled process forever stays busy. Another problem is that ftp.put commands fail with a ConnectionClose exception. Together, these two problems prevent a reliable delivery of outbound documents.

2003-02-28 10:46:00 CST Lost connection to FTP Server
at pub.client.ftp.put_append(
at pub.client.ftp.put(

Maybe the problem isn’t with the HP/UX side, but the FTP server. Can other FTP clients (particularly an FTP client on the same HP/UX box) do the same operations against that FTP server?

FTPing to the remote server from HP/UX command line or from desktop has never been a problem. Anytime the webMethods’ error.log file is reporting problems, we’ve always been able to FTP from the HP/UX command line.

I’m only asking about the HP/UX JVM 1.2 because others claim success with FTP processing in webMethods and the remote FTP server is successfully handling other clients exchanging similar data.

Correction…the JVM is HP/UX Java 2 v1.3.1, not 1.2.

Hello kplain,
We are experiencing the same issue. Did you get a fix for this ?