Any body tried using the "TN" document as the trigger document in the "Receive&qu ...

Hello, there,

I’m trying to paly with the new features in the Wm7.0 designer for the BPM modeling. from the user guide, it said for the “receive” step as: “A Receive step receives a Integration Server subscription document,a Trading Networks document, or a SOAP message to trigger a Web service; and can only have outgoing transitions. A Receive step must subscribe to at least one document or message, whether the step is configured to start a new process instance or not. Receive steps can not only start new process instances, but they can also be used to receive intermediate documents and connect to running process instances. Not every Receive step can start a process, but every process must have at least one Receive step that c”. but it did not specify how to add the a Trading Networks document as the trigger…

any comments, thx in advance!

Assign a step input. You can select a subscription document as a step input for the receive step. This includes TN document types.

right, just got there, it’s under the properties/advanced/implementation/Receive Document part. very interesting thing is in wm7 platform (IS 6.5) , we can access the TN document now under the “Trading Networks Documents” package , but before, can’t

Thanks reamon