Announcing the General Availability of EntireX 8.2.2 Release

Software AG is pleased to announce the general availability of EntireX 8.2.2. This maintenance release is available since mid of December 2011. It includes a new version of the EntireX Adapter for IS.

In addition, this release contains the following features:

  • EntireX now runs on AIX 7.1
  • EntireX Adapter for IS now runs on z/Linux
  • Significantly enhanced COBOL support (e.g. CICS Channel/Container)
  • Arabic Shaping support
  • Response Time Monitoring together with Optimize for Infrastructure

For more specific details please check the documentation. The latest documentation about EntireX 8.2.2 is available at (please follow webMethods and EntireX)

An overview presentation summarizing the delta to previous versions of EntireX is available on the EntireX Tech Community.

Best regards,
Software AG Product Management