Announcing Apama 5.1

Software AG is proud to announce the release of Apama 5.1.

Highlights of this release:

  • Distributed cache integration. Integrate your Apama applications with distributed caches. Expand your EPL MemoryStores beyond the size of memory available in a single machine and share access to your MemoryStores amongst multiple correlators. Apama includes out-of-box integration capabilities for Terracotta BigMemory Max, and a Service Provider Interface allows you connect to just about any other third-party distributed cache.
  • Universal Messaging integration. You can now use Universal Messaging to integrate Apama with JMS messaging.
  • EPL exception handling. Apama EPL now supports managed try-catch exception handling. Your Apama applications can now handle exceptions raised in a more controlled manner.
  • HTTP REST correlator monitoring API. Monitor the Apama correlator with straightforward HTTP REST calls, enabling simpler integration with third-party monitoring systems.
  • Java correlator plug-ins. You can develop plug-ins for Apama correlators that integrate with your Java libraries. This makes it significantly easier for your Apama applications to benefit from Java resources.
  • PySys test framework. Apama now provides framework extensions to PySys to allow you automate testing of your applications. The framework allows you to programmatically use PySys to start correlators, inject your application, send events, wait for the output and compare the results against what you expected.

Further details on these features are provided in the “What’s New in Apama” guide, available when you download the product.

Note: Details of the latest Apama Capital Markets Foundation 5.1 release are available in a separate announcement.