Apama 5.2 – announcing feature release

Software AG is pleased to announce the release of Apama 5.2.

This announcement covers the version 5.2 releases of Apama, Apama Capital Markets Foundation and Apama Capital Markets Adapters.

Highlights of this release:

  • Apama channels - significantly increasing throughput and streamlining correlator and adapter communication. Mark events with a channel name, and subscribe contexts to receive events directly from a specific channel.
  • Universal Messaging can be used for Apama messaging - simplifying configuration and deployment. Apama correlators and adapters can connect natively to Universal Messaging realms or clusters.
  • Apama Studio can be installed within Software AG Designer. Provides a unified development environment for Software AG products.
  • Apama Capital Markets Foundation and Capital Markets Adapters updated to use Apama Channels. Delivers throughput and latency improvements.

Further information on this release is available in the “What’s New in Apama” guide on the Software AG documentation site under the Apama product line section:


Note: Existing customers, please take this opportunity to refer to the Apama product lifecycle dates available on the above documentation site to ensure you are aware of end of support dates and are using fully supported products.