Announcement of webMethods 9.9 GA

Software AG is pleased to announce the release of webMethods version 9.9. The webMethods 9.9 release enables the development of integration centric, event centric, decision centric, and process/task centric digital business applications that are API-enabled and deployed across a hybrid cloud environment.

Here are the key highlights:

  • Integration: New data type for enhanced XML support, OData enhancements, updated REST metadata look up in CloudStreams and visual comparison of packages and IS assets in Designer
  • API Management: Standalone API-Portal with direct API import, enhanced self- service customization and email based workflow
  • BPMS: Process ETA visualization, interop between OpenCAF and App Platform and enhancements to Business Console
  • Agile Process (preview): Single workbench for processes, tasks and cases exposed via a new mobile Business Console
  • Operational Intelligence: Jump-in context from Optimize to PPM for historical process analysis and creation of alerts back in Optimize
  • Suite: Event enablement and persistence, fix installation user interface with remote install support in Command Central and smooth migration path from Broker to UM
  • Integration Cloud: complex orchestrations and new cloud connectors
  • API Cloud: launch of a stand alone API Portal cloud solution

In addition to these, webMethods 9.9 includes many product enhancements across the webMethods suite. For more details, please see the webMethods 9.9 Release Notes.

webMethods Product Management team

Software AG

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That’s great news, thanks! I didn’t see any dates mentioned in your announcement, though. When can we expect to see that go live?

Also wondering if we’ll be able to use the 9.9 Designer to work on 9.8 IS services?

Hi Olivier,

this is already live since October, 13th (the date of the original post of this thread).

See Empower Download Section for further informations or the mentioned website.

I am currently using Designer 9.5 to access IS 7.1 Services (mainly for doing fast lookups on old code before migration) as well as IS 9.5 Services.
Therefore I think it should be possible to work IS 9.8 Services with Designer 9.9.
This might not apply to all node types.



Hi Olivier,

webMethods 9.9 GA went live on October 13th 2015. The same day as the announcement was sent.
For your second question, you can use Designer 9.9 to connect with IS 9.8 for IS service development.


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Thanks for the quick replies, much appreciated.

From the 9.9 Release Notes : “Software AG Designer now lets you compare packages and elements in Integration Server”; this is something we’ve wanted for a long while. Will it be possible to use Designer 9.9 with IS 9.8 to do that, or does it also requires IS 9.9 (i.e. new internal service in the IS or client-side stuff in Eclipse) ?

Yes, the Visual compare for IS flow services and document types is available in Designer 9.9. Technically, this should work when you connect from Designer 9.9 to IS 9.8 but we are in the process of testing this. We will officially support this as the code changes are just in Designer and not dependent on the server. For package compare, we are dependent on certain code in IS and hence that might not work.


Thanks Sonica. Can we expect some form of formal announcement for that? Or should we dive right in?

I also remember us having a chat earlier this year and testing a POC about a lighter version of Designer. Any news on that front?

Thanks again!

Yes, Olivier. It is ok to use the Visual Compare with the older version of IS. Let us know if you see any issues. Once it is officially tested, we will update our doc with more information.

With the Designer RCP, we plan to revisit that next year at some point. We have seen some good feedback to the trial we ran with the RCP version of Designer for Service Development.


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HI Sonica
Will the visual compare feature work for a 9.6 IS server if we use 9.9 designer?

Why was there no public announcement for webMethods 9.10 GA? I did not see it here.


Hi Ashutosh,

We did announce webMethods 9.10 GA on 15th April 2016. Please see the link below with the announcement.


Hi Manju,

Yes, Visual compare feature for flow services and doc types can be used when you connect to IS 9.6 from Software AG Designer 9.9.


Thanks Sonica,
I had below link bookmarked for years and it used to have all the announcements.

I will bookmark links that you have provided for news.


Hi Ashutosh

Another alternative to book marking te page is to click the Notify button on the top right of the page (while signed in to Tech Community). This means you will be “watching” a page and you will receive push notifications when content appears. This will save you from having to check the page occasionally.
You can use the Notify button on any page in the Tech Community.


Thanks Wayne!!!

webMethods Designers are backward and forward compatible. You can use the newest one… if you really like Designer and able to work as fast as with old good Developer.

I’m still using webMethods Developer 8.2.2, but modified by me to allows connection with IS 9.x (7.x and 6.x as well). Here are the sources of the “fix”:


I’ve tested successfully the service comparison (flow and java) with IS down to version 7.1.2.

Best Regards,