AngularJS app integration with SoftwareAG webMethods Integration Server

I’ve been trying to create a test AngularJS application using the webMethods Integration Server as the backend. I can quickly get plain JSON files using $resource and edit the data they contain; my JSON is preloaded with games from one site. However, to display the data in the application, I want to create services in webMethods Designer and call them from AngularJS using $resource. The problem is that I can’t use AngularJS to get the data I need from the service I’m developing in Designer. I can use documentToJSONString in Designer (in WMPublic) to get a text that looks like this:

jsonString  {"id": "1", "name game": "5 Dragons"}

Here is my services.js file:

/* Services */

var orderServices = angular.module('orderServices', ['ngResource']);

order services.factory('Order', ['$resource',
    return $resource('url', {}, {
       query: {method:'GET', isArray: true}


You don’t need to do this, just add ‘Content-type: application/json’ to your request headers. IS will automatically send back a json formatted response.

I would still recommend creating an API descriptor in designer to formally document and organise all of the services you want to be able to call from your IS.

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