Analytic Engine Mail Settings

Hi All,

I am trying to configure mail settings for Analytic Engine.

I am not able to connect to Outlook Server after providing my credentials.

Test Connection is failing every time.

I have even tried gmail pop/imap settings. I can

Is there a default SMTP settings for Analytic Engine?

Please help me out.

Thanks in advance
Sachin Jain

Hi Sachin,

Could you provide more details like what is the purpose you are setting and how you trying to set?
Are you configuring the SMTP to get error message, status of the process model & the result of the processes?


We need to send email alerts in case of SLA is breached.
We have created rules for SLA breach. The rule is working as expected but the alerts to designated email ids are not being sent.

We providing the SMTP settings under

Define Environments → Edit Environments → Configure Servers → Analytic Engine → Mail Settings.

Many Thanks