Analysis Overview for O4I not visible for different user than Administrator


in my Optimize for Infrastructure Environment the Analysis Overview (and the Problems) Pages only show “no matches found” when I log in to MWS with my own user.

But when I am logged in with user Administrator I am able to see the data.

My own user as well as user Administrator are member of the “My webMethods Administrators” role.

This is wM 9.5 SP1 and OPT_9.5_SP1_Fix4 is applied.
We are using DataLevelSecurity for the Environment.

Any ideas, whats going wrong and how to correct this?



Do you see any errors in the AE info.log? I wonder if AE is trying to authenticate the user via the “common directory” database but it’s not able to. If that’s happening, then you could look at your environment definition to see if you’ve mapped the right database pool to “”.

Another thing you can try is to use MWS’s SOAP Monitor portlet to look at the SOAP requests and responses being exchanged with the Analytic Engine to see if that gives you a clue as to what’s going on.


Hi Percio,

thanks for your reply.

We are using central user management for our environment.
All our users are defined in in MWS Directory service (or maybe in companies AD, being mapped to the right group/role).

I have checked a second instance (first one was dev, second one is internal test).
Both are configured to use the correct pool for common directory, but both have this issue.

When being logged in as Administrator the data can be seen, when being logged in with custom user the data can not be seen.
Both users are member of the My webMethods Administrators Role, which has most rights assigned (except Impersonate User, but I think that this right does not relate here).

Background for using custom users is a security requirement:
The password for the user Administrator should not be known by the team members by default.


So no errors in the log?

Our environment is configured exactly like that, i.e. central users backed by AD. I am able to login with my AD user account, which is part of an AD group that belongs to the My webMethods Administrators role, and I am able to see the Analytics Overview page without issues. I’m running 9.6 though.

Some more questions:

  1. Have you tried capturing the SOAP messages between MWS and Optimize?
  2. Is the server selected in the Server drop-down (top-right corner), the correct server?
  3. Is the configuration selected in the Overview Configuration drop-down, the correct one?
  4. If you click on the down-arrow of the Analytic Overview portlet and go to Permissions, does anything look out of the ordinary there? Mine, for example, has Security Realm set to “System-Wide – Analytics Overview_1219518439”, owner set to sysadmin, and authentication scheme set to Forms.


Hi Holger,

Can you check if this might help. Verify the user --> Role Precedence and move the My webMethods Administrator to the top of the list.


Hi Percio, Rudrakanth,

I have checked the mentioned settings but this did not resolve the issue.

Role precedence should not be that big problem as long as one the roles has the correct rights.

Currently I am using a user stored in MWS diirectly (but later on there might be a requirement to use AD-Users as well).

As the instance I have checked had some load from other developers it is very hard to detect anything meaningful in the full.log.
I will check another instance tomorrow.