An URI encode issue of pub.client:http

I found that the REST responses are same with REST request URL http://testREST?arg0=a1 and http://testREST?arg0=a1+ thru pub.client:http. The root cause is that the character “+” would be marked as a space in REST URL. Any way to solve this encode issue?

URI encode using pub.string:URLEncode service. This should help

Hi Plkala,

URLEncode kinda help a little.However, If I encode the whole REST url thru pub.string.URLEncode, the characters like “:”, “/” would be encoded as well, not just “+”. Error as below occurs when calling pub.client:http with encode url. – http%3A%2F%2F10.65.5.44%3A9084%2Ftest_SIT%2Frest%2Fproduct%2FpkgProductDetail%3Farg0%3D5UP%2B%26arg1%3D2016-12-08 (No such file or directory).
Could you help advise on it?

You can just try to encode your query string and then append it to the URL