Alternative to using startup services on a package

Is there an alternative to using Startup Services on a package?

What we have is the need to execute a service in a package when the IS is started, however this service takes almost 2 minutes to execute which delays the IS in finishing the startup until this is complete.

Is there any other alternative to kicking off a service once the IS is fully started rather than during the startup?

thanks, Diane

Not sure if this is a right idea, how about invoking a service thought unix/linux script or curl script. As soon as the IS is up and running launch the script so that i will invoke your service as a startup.

And also invoking the service through a scheduler will meet your requirement or not, but just a thought.

Yes both the above designs should work and for any thing IS has to be fully up and running before it invokes the startup services.


If you want the service to run on start up without holding anything else up, just invoke it in a separate thread using Service.doThreadInvoke.

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