Alternate ways of Deployment

Hi Experts,

I want to now whether there is any other way of deploying the webMethods code other than manual Package installation and Build deployment using wMDeployer.

Because while deploying we are facing challenges as the packages being built as patch or full.This is really eating most of our time.

I heard deployment can also be done using “.tar” files.But this approach just looks like scrapping the existing code and installing the new one.

Many thanks in advance,
Vishnu Charan.T

Hi Vishnu,

export the package from developer keept it in target server server inbound.

to resolve deployer problem go to Deployer-IS&TN select install localhost so it will replace u r "WmDeployerResource " package it will solve u r problem.


If you are doing a full package deployment, then export the package from source IS. then place it in target IS replicate Incoming directory and do a install inbound release from package management.

If you are going for a patch deployment, then I would suggest you to go via deployer.

Note: For either Full/ Patch deployment using Developer/Cross-Vista is best practices. Because when you perform the manual deployment you cannot check for any dependency so their is always a risk whether the code will be fully functional when moved to target server as you will not be aware that any of the service in the package is having an dependency on another service outside the package which is not being deployed to target server.


Thanks for the reply.Could you please let me know the url,where I can get the deployment procedure by using Cross-Vista.

Grand Thanks,
Vishnu Charan.T

I am not aware of any URL for deployment procedure by using Cross-Vista.

But from my experience I can tell you that using WmDeployer is very easy compared to cross-vista.

So better go for WmDeployer. If in your company they are planning to remove deployer and bring in Cross-Vista then let me know. I will give the steps to perform the deployment through cross vista.

Hi Vishnu,
Can you tell us, what kind of problem are you facing in Deployer? It is the easy way of moving your code from one environment to another (can be one server or cluster)…

Full package movement, partial package with selected services, TN components, process models - everything can be moved pretty easily… You just need to have a defined deployment procedure in place…


Hi Sentheel,

I am facing problems while I perform a checkpoint of the build while deployment.Because for the same build the checkpoint was made successfully on one deployer,but for the same build on a different deployer the checkpoint has failed.

I have faced a problem while making a rollback as well.Once I thought of performing a rollback as a backout procedure.The Build for which rollback was needed had all packages in patch version.While the rollback happened, I observed that all my packages on my target server were deleted.

Is there any fix for this?

Many Thanks for the reply,
Vishnu Charan.T

what is the error you are getting when it is failed in
Checkpoint Report

ERROR Error extracting IS package “xxxxxxxxxx”: [ISS.0026.9201] Unknown service: wm.server.replicator:archivePackage

But for the same build the checkpoint was made successfully on a different deployer and on the same target server.

It should not happen as this service will be available wm.server.replicator:archivePackage.

But in your case it is…

Delete the deployment candidate and try to create it once again then create the checkpoint and let us know the result.

Sometimes the problem will be with the project which you created then in such scenarios try to create a new project and check once again.

If all this fails. Final solution would be to restart the wmDeployer which is giving the error and try to create a new project and check it.

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