ALLAKAZAM!: The OnRampC1 Adapter disapears from the Web Serv

It already happened two times. Once on our Pilot system and now on our test environment. On our Pilot we had the luck a Consultant was over doing an implementation and the problem came up during his visit. I completely forgot to document how he solved it.

Now on our Test env. I installed all the adapters and software and next thing after restarting the server PUFF! is gone.

I cannot reinstall it because the systems says it is already installed.

I cannot deinstall it because the deinstallation gets always stuck in the beginning (some Java problem).

I cannot use it because it is ivisible.

We had the exact problem before and I already wrote to the consultant who during his staying experience the same problem (BUG?) and while I get any answer maybe somebody had already this thing going on and can help ?