Alfabet and CentraSite

Has anyone successfully implemented Alfabet integration with CentraSite (either CE or Full edition)?


Hi Raymond,
which CentraSite and Alfabet versions do you have in mind? We used to have a tight integration some years back where service meta data could be exchanged. We plan to bring this back to life. What kind of integration were you thinking of?

Hi Gerald,

Based upon my understanding of the products… I could see a large benefit to having - minimally - a reference within a CentraSite service entry to related Alfabet entry/entries.

An additional benefit might be for Alfabet roadmap updates also updating CentraSite service entry lifecycle status, for example.

If CentraSite could import data from Alfabet, in theory, one would be able to ‘seed’ CentraSite with all the ‘approved’ applications (and related services). Having this export from Alfabet and again, minimally being able to have a reference of Alfabet entries within a CentraSite service entry could help faster adoption of SOA Governance.

There is a Brainstorm request as well: