AgileApps sandbox namespace issue

The wiki states that the java class namespace must be unique within an AgileApps platfom.
A sandbox is created within a tenant (let say ParentTenant), and so a sandbox tenant is created on the same AA platform.
In my mind, a developer should be able to create a new java class on the same namespace as the ParentTenant, but AA won’t allow that.
It seems to be a bug.
Can someone shed light on this?

Hi Joy,

Namespace should be unique across the environment. When we create a sandbox you need to have different namespace.Sandbox is nothing but a tenant. So parent namespace can not be used by sandbox tenant.


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Then what do you suggest as we deploy/migrate java classes from a Sandbox to a main development environment tenant?

When you deploy java classes from sandbox to main development tenant it will work fine. There is no harm in having different namespaces for sandbox and main tenant.

Technically, I agree with you, but practically, I don’t agree.
Suppose we have a namespace “creditcard”, and we already have a class called “CardController” and “CitiAgent”.
Now, we need to introduce “AmexAgent” class.
We want to keep AmexAgent class under “creditcard” namespace.
So, if “AmexAgent” class is defined under “dummy” namespace in Sandbox, we do not want to deploy the class to “dummy” namespace in non-sandbox tenant. Of course, we can manually recreate the class under “creditcard” namespace in the main tenant and make necessary changes in JSP, java class, and javascript, but that’s not ideal.
We can get the work done with workarounds, but I don’t think this is what the sandbox was for.