After Reinstall Developer is unresponsive

We use wm IS 6.5 SP2 and Developer given to us by Oracle as part of our JDE EnterpriseONE 8.12 Toals Upgrade a few years ago. Well last week my PC that I had my wm Developer install on had a problem which resulted in a reformat and reinstall of all my software on it (Luckily I didn’t loose any data thanks to nightly Synctoy backups).

I was not sure which Java to use so I used the one that we used under the original install which is Java 1.4.2_17. The install of Developer seemed to have gone without any problems and I can open a session to our Test WSG server. I get a listing of all the packages on the server and can drill down to the flow services but when I double click to open a flow service it does not open. I don’t get an error message. First I get the Windows Hour glass for a view minutes but then instead of loading the flow into Developer the cursor returns and the flow in the Navigation window is highlighted but that’s it. I checked the log on the server and I get no error messages there as far as I can tell. I first thought it might be an out of memory issue but I can’t get anything to open - small flows, big flows, adapter services. Developer than also becomes slightly unresponsive. I can browse in the navigation window and drill up and down paths but It won’t allow me to close my server session. i can open a new one to a differnent one. But I also can’t normally close the Developer. I click on close and nothing happens. :eek:

DO I need to uninstall and use a different version of JAVA and then reinstall? Any thoughts? - oh the PC runs Windows XP SP3 - just thought I’d throw this out there. I hope this is the right section of the forum to post this but since it deals with flows and Developer I thought it’d fit better than the IS forum.

Any help or suggestions are much appreciated.


Well I have an update/correction to my problem. I can load smaller flows and adapter services at first only after I try to open up one of the bigger flows everything comes to a screeching halt. So I narrowed the problem down to an Out OF Memory error. When starting developer 6.5 from the .bat file ther out of memory error is actually visible in the black “dos window” of the bat file. Going further I discovered that the developer.bat file that starts Developer contains the following line:

“%JAVA_DIR%\bin\java” -Xms128M -Xmx256M -classpath %CLASSPATH% “%DEVELOPER_DIR%”\config\ini.cnf %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

By tweaking the -Xms128M and -Xmx256M settings I was able to load my bigger flows, make changes to them and save them again. I tried setting the first variable to 512 and the second one to 768. Can anyone give me a recommendation what these should be set to in my case? Should I leave the first one at 128 and just increase the x value to 768 or higher? MY PC has 4GB of RAM on Windows XP Pro SP3. I seem to remember reading somewhere that JAVA only uses up to 2 GB of RAM. Is that correct? The version of Java that gets installed and is used by Developer and IS is Java 2 SDK 1.4.2 - ancient - I know but since it came with the install I’d rather not change it to anything newer. So any suggestions on the memory settings for this particular JAVA version?


Nice work on figuring this out on your own!

I have my batch file set to -Xms512M -Xmx512M and have no issues. You can go bigger if you want. My machine is about the same as yours (4G, XP SP3).

Keep in mind that this specifies the heap size, not all the memory used by the JVM (the JVM itself needs some).

The 2GB limit is a per process limit of Windows (depending on version and settings). It is not a JVM limitation. The max heap size you’ll be able to use is somewhere around 1.5G.

Thank you - I was getting desperate so I did some more digging. Thanks for the memory setting tip - I will try that or may be 768/768 to see if I see much of a difference.

This forum has helped me out already on several occasions over the years. It is a valuable resource for webmethod users thanks to all the great contributing member.