After migrating from webMethods 9.8 to 10.3, xsi:nil="true" in inbound xml messages are giving error


After upgrading from webMethods 9.8 to 10.3 xml attributes like xsi:nil=“true” are causing errors

A sample fraction of the xml is this:

YYYY XXXX 2019-07-23T07:57:39.7467126Z 2019W31C001 6de177b1-2cf7-4783-9dcb-6b96931e6e1a

It errs in service pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument

I tried adding the parameter watt.server.SOAP.treatNilAsNull and restarted the IS but invain.

Do you know what the reason is that it errs on 10.3 but not in 9.8?

Kind regards Mikael

Try this fix IS_10.3_Core_Fix5 and above on the affected server. Also, recommend you to open a SR with SAG support.

Hi Mikael,

please provide the exact error message as well as a screenshot of your pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument step.


Error message:
An error occurred invoking the processing service for this document. The original error was com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException: [ISC.0042.9329] No namespace declaration defined for attribute xsi:nil in element :VoyageNumber

 at pub.xml.xmlNodeToDocument(

I don’t know how to upload a screenshot, but xmlNodeToDocument has these Service In values:
node -> node
makeArrays = false
nsDecls = “i=
documentTypeName = xxxx

Hi Mikael,

can you try to add the following under the nsDecls input of pub.xml.xmlNodeToDocument?


This should declare the namespace for the xsi-prefix.

If this does not help, check if can suppress the generation fo xsi:nil=“true” when preparing the xml or if you can add the declaration of the namespace (xmlns:xsi=“”) to the root node of the xml during preparation.
This declaration should be located inside the opening root node tag (in your sample above this would be the Header-tag):

<root tag xmlns:xsi="">
data goes here
</root tag>


Hi Holger

thanks for your reply. However, I am more interested in finding out, if it is a more generic/global setting that needs to be done since it worked in 9.8 and the 9.8 and 10.3 services are identical.

Regards Mikael

Hi Mikael,

in this case you might want to consider opening a Ticket at SAG Support via Empower to get this checked.

Might be that 10.3 is checking this more strictly than 9.8 did.


Hello Guys

I am facing the same problem for my WS provider tests. the namespace has been Added to WSDL but the error below persists for unknown reasons
com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxParsingException: Undeclared namespace prefix “xsi” (for attribute “nil”)
Does anyone have any idea how to handle this issue?
I’ve been searching for the solution for the whole day without any result. would you like please to help me, guys?


I solved it by adding the namespace in TN under Document Type -> Namespaces tab -> Add button prefix = xsi , URI =


I was talking about webservices and not TN. I have a use case that I need to validate by passing the prifix xsi:nil=‘true’ in the soap request

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=“” xmlns:dom=“” xmlns:inf=“” xmlns:xsi=“”>
<dom:contexte xsi:nil=“true”/>

When executing the test, the error message below is being raised

com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxParsingException: Undeclared namespace prefix “xsi” (for attribute “nil”)
at [row,col {unknown-source}]: [7,39]

My question now how do I can add a namespace prefix xsi and its attribute in a docType, knowing that the namespace has been already declared in WSDL and its related XSD ?