_Admin support in the Tamino API for Java

In my application, I have to use an _admin command to get some data out of Tamino.
I will use the TaminoAPI4J for that, because the application runs in an application server and I cannot issue directly a HTTP command inside an application server.
How can I use this command?
Do I have to extend the API myself for that purpose?
Thanks for a fast answer!

what do you want to achieve? Which _admin command do you want to use?

It shouldn’t depend which command to run, because the API should be open for all ADMIN commands!
But we need a special command included in the Fix 4 Version!
We need it really from inside an Application Server (BEA Weblogic)!

To make this thread complete. The Tamino API for Java is able to issue _admin commands now. This is available with the Tamino Server release V3.1.2 and also with the Tamino API V3.1.2 available here in the community for download.