Additional Fields

can I create additional fields for contacts of a profile? Has anybody experience with that? As fall back solution it might be enough to change some field-names, but how can I do that too?


What I think you need to do is use the extended fields tab to add extended fields. You can add to an existing group of fields or createyour own group. I suggest creating your own group for clarity. Then use the to find the the internal ID for the profile. Once the profile is found use the to return all the extended fields for the profile. Then loop over /fields to cycle through them and branch on /fields/MetaData/Name to do your mapping or invokes.

Hope that helps.


Hi Chris,
that was also my first idea, but the point is, these extended fields have to be per contact, not per profile. If I specify extended fields, these fields belongs always to the profile, also if I specify that this field belongs to the group Contacts. When you click at tab contacts in the profile screen, and you add a contact, I need the fields in that form.



I don’t think that’s possible as far as I know but I’ll keep watching this thread as i’m curious as well.

Good luck!


Has anybody else an idea, how we can add extended fields to contacts?