Adding new line feed on EDIFACT envelope segments

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I would like to add a new line feed after each EDIFACT segment - this is one of our customer’s requirements. Rather than the standard stream, they would like a new line feed. When I run a service to replace the edidata string to include the new line feed, all is fine. (I can verify this also running through the pipeline). However after I run the service the EDIFACT envelope appears as a constant stream again in Trading Networks - without the new line feed.

My Question: Is there another way I can submit an EDIFACT envelope to Trading Networks for delivery to the customer as well as provide an envelope with a new line feed after each segment?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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Using a linefeed character as a segment delimiter might be the approach to use. Using another character as a segment delimiter and a linefeed is not part of the standard.

In your EDIFACT schema under record definition select newline or carriage return as the record delimiter that away each Segment appear will appear in new line or another option is in the convertToString service input for delimiters/record (use setValue option and hit enter in the box and save it this should take care of newline for every end of segment)


Hi again,

I can successfully create an EDIFACT envelope with new line feed in Integration Server on each segment as in following example:


However, once the document has hit Trading Networks it becomes streamed again as following example:


I tried installing WmEDIforTN_6-1_SP1_Fix12 in our development environment, although no help.

Also when I submit the EDIFACT data to Trading Networks with new line feeds, it appears as a constant stream! My thoughts were a TN related fix was required to address this, although can’t seem to find which one.

Anyone have any ideas?