Adding image file to document template in agileapps

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A couple of questions any feedback will be greatly appreciated:

  1. Is there a process to change the TAB order in an Agileapps application form? We are looking to change the tab order from field to field in forms from TOP to BOTTOM to LEFT to RIGHT. Is this possible?

  2. Is there a process to have an image file field to be a) copied from an image field in one object to an image field in another object, an b) to include an image field in a document template for printing (for example to generate a temporary ID from a record in which the image field contains a photo

We attempted this by uploading the image into a RICH TEXT AREA field in the document template form but could not identify the source for the http:// data pointing to the image file store in the platform? Though we are not certain this is the best approach to accomplish this.

Any feedback on resolving these issues is greatly appreciated.


There’s no out of the box solution for this. However, you could attempt the approach mentioned at


Good Day!. Thanks very much for your feedback. It has provided us with a path to a solution to our challenge.

Any thoughts on our question #2 (printing an image field on a document template?

Again, thanks a million for your valuable feedback.

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To insert an image into a document template can you please follow the steps mentioned @ Create an MS Word Document Template

Aparna Bejugam,

Good day! Thanks very much for your feedback pointing us in the right direction. We have successfully resolved the issue. Are there any particular steps to copy an image from one object field into another as part of a look up field set up?

Thanks again for your assistance.


Hi Suriano,

Please remember that Images and Files consume document storage. Unless there is a strong reason which cannot be achieved from we don’t recommend having the same file in multiple places. if you still need to copy the image please refer to the usage of PlatformFileBean @ Search

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