Adding alt tag to Checkbox

I am working on 508 compliance issues and found that the checkboxes on the screen have no “built in” property for the alternate text (alt HTML tag). I have been able to add the alternate text tag to most of my picklists within an async table using a custom element and java script to force to alt= value to be available.

I am having trouble when the checkbox is standalone on an input page. When I add a similar custom element, how do I get the alt text that I have provided in the alt field within the custom element to show up? Right now it is showing the contents of the screen within the alt tag of the checkbox.

I am using the following elements within the custom element widget:


I may need to switch the caf:for to something else, but would like to know where I may be able to find this information.

Thanks in advance for anything that can be provided.


I thought “alt” was for images. Did you mean the “title” attribute? I believe all the CAF controls already support the “title” attribute.


The 508 report coming out a product called AccVerify/AccRepair shows that I must have a label or an alt tag. The checkbox itself does not appear to have this property available. I have now resolved about 95% of these issues, but have one view that is not setting the alt value using a java script that tries to set it in the custom element.


Ok. Can you provide a snippet or simple test project that demonstrates what you have already tried?