Add security provider

I am using WM 9.7 and OS AIX.

While I am trying to add new security provider in admin console under Security --> Keystore --> Add security provider “SUN” i am getting exception as “Unable to add Security Provider:SUN. Exception:java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:SUN”.

  1. Can some one please tell me how to add new security provider in keystore in admin console?
  2. Which class or JAR is missing here?
  3. Where do I will get that class/jars file?
  4. At back end which location/path i need to upload for working ?

I my IS admin console I am able to see Type “JKS” & PKCS12 while Provider “IBNJCE”.

Planing to uploade .jks file with type JKS and provider SUN but in drop down it’s didn’t show SUN as provider ?

Appreciate you suggestion.


to add new provider, you need to edit the file which is available in your java installation directory.


Hi Vinay,

usually there are 2 Security providers predefined:

  • One of JKS Stores
  • One for PKCS12 Stores

You can either select them by store type or by provider type.

On systems running an Oracle Version of the JRE, these are mapped as follows:

  • PKCS12 SunJSSE (used with P12 type Stores)

You should try to select them accordingly, i.e. by store type.
Then the provider type should change to the correct IBM provider type, which should be compatible with the corresponding Oracle/SUN-provider.

No need to import a Sun provider type (might not be working anyway when hitting OS-based ressources due to OS-mismatch).

Can you check this and report the results?


I guess on AIX OS, your JVM is provided by IBM.
So, SUN provider, which is default for most other platform, is not available. Check with your JVM vendor to see which security provider are available, then you can configure it using the add provider page.