Add Row to table in CAF


I would like to know how to add rows to a CAF (7.1.1) table.

This is what I been able to do:

  • Right click on the desire document list on Binding View à Managed Bean à Business data and selected “New Content Provider”. Check marked that is type writable.

  • [LIST]
  • That action created an item in the Binding View called “X Provider”, which has a bunch of properties.

  • [LIST]
  • I set the binding of following properties:

i. Row Id à Bounded to one of the field of the document that should be unique, using the same document (Business Data) used to create the provider.

ii. Support Template Row à true

  • I dragged the “X Provider” to the Canvas.

  • [LIST]
  • That action created a table in the canvas with all the columns that the document contains.
  • Set the table name (“tblNew”)

  • I dragged on top of the new table a control type “Add Row Button”

  • [LIST]
  • Set the “For “property to “tblNew”.

When I clicked the button it can be seen that a blank rows is created.

That’s all I been able to do.


  • Do I need to create a Java Class That implement IUpdateableTableContentProvider?

I saw the example from [URL=“”][COLOR=#800080][/color][/URL] , but in that example the “Add Row Button” is inside the table… that’s kind of weird.