Add Custom Fields


My client doesn’t want to use the modelisation tool and just wants to develop EAI flows (packages/services) with IS (8.2).
I’ve enabled logging (Audit properties of services) and I would like to add custom fields but I don’t know how to do.

I would like to see my custom fields added in the detail of my instance of service in “MWS / Applications / Analyse / Integration / Services” portlet.


Non-process engine logging doesn’t have a notion of field logging. You can log key field data using pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages. Put key=value pairs in the FullMessage and you’ll be able to search in MWS for those values. Don’t use ; to separate the key=value pairs in the message as you won’t be able to search with ; in the search string.

Do you have TN in your design? Any transactions are going through TN? If so, you can add additional ‘document attributes’ and in run-time assign some values as name/value pair. Using this, you can do the custom search in TN Transaction Analysis from MWS.


I believe you are talking about Monitoring > Integration > Services screen. In such case, it is enough to add your custom fields to output variables and check them in the “logged fields” tab of relevant service. Only limitation is that you won’t be able to add/see those custom fields in the main grid of services portlet, but in the service detail only…

The “Logged Fields” tab is available only in a process model for a process step. As noted above, “normal” services outside of a process model do not have the option of logging individual fields.

I am sorry to disagree with you Reamon, but this isn’t true. “Logged fields” are available to both, process steps and “normal” services. Both are stored differently on DB level. For process steps, these fields are visible when inspecting single process in Monitoring > Business > Process Instances. For “normal” services, this tab is available in standard service development perspective, just next to “Tree”, “Layout” and “Input/Output” tabs - such logged fields are visible when inspecting single service execution in Monitoring > Integration > Services.
I am quite new to wM so I’m not sure how long is this feature available, but are we both talking about latest IS/MWS release 8.2 SP2? But I’m sure the feature is there, since we are using it…

No worries. I was going to ask which version you were referring to. I’m looking at 7.x services (with Designer 8) and don’t see the “Logged Fields” tab. I should have double-checked myself since the original poster mentioned 8.2. Mea culpa.

Thanks for noting that it is there in 8.x. That’s an excellent addition.