Add a file

Can anybody tell me that how can I add file in adabas with the following fields, EmpID, EMPName, JobTitle, JobDescription, Dept. And how can I use this file in natural for insert, view, delete, update records?

Please start here:

The Adabas Utilities section includes a tutorial on loading demo files. Also check out the ADADBA utility, which describes the online tool for adding files.

The STORE, READ/FIND, DELETE and UPDATE statements can be found in the Natural documentation. Each includes examples of programs.

There is also a link to some very useful manuals:

I’d personally recommend to start from Natural Study Guide: very well and clearly written.

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I don`t work for Gensystems :slight_smile:

A more appropriate link would be:

How to browse, store, update and delete records in Adabas from a Natural program is day 1 of basic Natural training.

Hi Fasi,

I dont know what level of access you have in your mainframe system to access natural and adabas.

if you have access, first you need to setup the PREDICT setup for the NEW file. then generate the DDM using GEN DDM command.

and then you can submit batch job to load the predict definition to adabas physical file. this batch job does compression and load empty file.