ADASEL - date / time fields blank?

The documentation for ADASEL states that the EXTENDED option will include displayable character DATE and TIME fields within the output. When I run the utility on any file within our PLOGs, these fields are not populated.

Is this a general problem, or something amiss in our installation? I do have the timestamp field, however this is just the high-order 4 bytes of the store-clock and I cannot seem to convert this to a usable date and time…
It seems odd to me that these fields are blank - surely a date / timestamp for an update is a fairly important piece of information?

Any advice gratefully received.

The documentation of ADASEL says that the date/time value on the output file EXPAn is in STCK format (only four byte long) The readable date/time can be found on the DISPLAY output.

To convert a STCK value to a readable format we provide an assembler example program on the delivery tape in the SRCE library called CCSTCK. The STCK input value should be a 8 byte value, that means the ADASEL output has to be filled with 4 byte binary zeros on the right.

I did run a quick test and in my case the STCK value is there.

Maybe the input data for ADASEL (the PLOG) is not correct ? From which Adabas Version was it created ? Is this the same version you are running the ADASEL utility with ?

Thank you for the reply, Ursula, I really appreciate it.

We have CCSTCK installed in the load library, however I can’t see the source. Can I CALL it from within a Natural program, and if so what are the input / output parameters? (Sorry, I am unable to find this info in the Adabas documentation anywhere.)

We are running Adabas 8.2.5 at the moment.

Danke schön!

Hi Emma,

we have the source code on the SRCE dataset of the Adabas delivery tape. If you give me an email address I can as well send it to you. There we describe the input/output parameters. Or you ask for it via our official support.

It should be possible to call that from Natural but I am an Adabas and Assembler person and do not know how to do this in Natural, I am sorry. Someone else need to help you there :roll:


That’s okay, if I can see the code I’ll be able to work out the CALL format (I am a Natural user for 17 years…)
I’m not sure I want to post my email publicly here - is there a way I can send you a private message? :?

Natural has user exits to convert storeclock values. In SYSEXT search for *TIMESTMP, Natural’s variable containing the Storeclock . Under Windows I see USR1009N, USR1023N, and USR2026N; the list may differ on the mainframe.

Thanks Ralph !

Emma, maybe you don´t need the CCSTCK source anylonger ? If you still need it, I´m employee of SAG and my email address is standard, just send me a mail…


Ralph - thank you! I didn’t consider the Natural user-exits, so thank you for reminding me :oops:

I tested it and it works beautifully, so no need for the CCSTCK routine!

Thank you also Ursula, you were so helpful.

Emma :slight_smile: