Adapters stop working after deploying the server

when deploying the webMethods integration server Version ( to our production environment, some of the adapters for the database in specific packages stop working, even though the connection is open and other adapters work fine , they return the following error :

Could not run 'getCMSParamById' [ART.117.4021] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service BOJCMS.adapter:getCMSParamById. Unable to get adapter service template.
[ART.114.72] Adapter Runtime: Unable to set JavaBean properties.
[ART.114.542] could not set property "procedureLookupConfiguration" in class "".
Method not found: getProcedureLookupConfiguration

what seems to resolve the issue for a single adapter is to lock it for edit and then reloading its values. but with the number of adapters that break doing this isnt feasable.

what could be the issue and why does it happen after a server start?*

Do you have the latest fixes installed in your environment? If the environment is not up to date, this is usually the case install all available latest fixes. If latest fixes are installed:

Did you use Deployer to deploy your services? Looks like the dependencies are broken during deployment. Deployer should handle these itself. If you have exported and imported the package or used deployer but ignored a broken dependency, just don’t do it; use deployer and don’t ignore missing dependencies.

If you did all of them as recommended, please check if you have a dependency from the package you deploy to the package WmJDBCAdapter. If there isn’t any dependency set, set it yourself and reload your package. This will make sure your package will be started after and/or deployed with WmJDBCAdapter package. If this fixes your issue, apply the same to development environment and deploy again to sync services and see if the issue reemerges or disappears completely to verify.

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