Adapter service transaction issue

I have a flow service A . I use some jdbc adapter services in it.All adapter services are in same db connection which is LOCAL_TRANSACTION type.And service A will be repeat invoked by another main service B

code of service A like below:

Sequence (Exit on success)
Sequence (Exit on failure)
jdbc adapter service (select data from one table)
jdbc adapter service (insert data to table a)
jdbc adapter service (update data to table b)

commit transaction
Sequence (Exit on done)
error handler

Then I see those message in serverlog

[13102]2006-10-26 23:28:25 EDT [ART.0114.1007E] Adapter Runtime: Error Logged. See Error log for details. Error: [ART.114.305] Adapter Runtime (Transaction): Error while rolling back transaction 2006102611282411. The transaction in progress is Root connection state.

The same log keeps coming out.I don’t how to deal with this:( ,please help me.Thanks

ProductwebMethods Integration ServerVersion6.1 build 132

transactionName in should correspond to the transactionname in

Hi Shen,

Make sure your start transaction and commit transaction are there in the same high level sequence


Change Transaction Type to “NO_TRANSACTION” and give a try. Hope, it would resolve your problem.