Adapter Notification

We have a adapter notification named XYZ which is monitoring an event let it be "insert " ,as the event takes place an adapter notificationis publishes a document type associated with it. Publishable document arriving henceforth is named XYZPublishDocument.

Now the problem arises ,what would be the name of second document and other following publishable documents as the events keep taking place.

  1. When you create adapter notification, it will create a publishable document which is one time activity.

  2. When the event happen, it will publish the data in the format of publishable document which you created earlier.

For more info refer Adapter notification Chapter in webMethods_JDBC_Adapter_User’s_Guide_

Thanks arulchristhuraj ,

But I am concerned only about the the name of the publishable document.

From your last reply what I understood is that the previous publishable document will be overwritten by the event taking place after that and so on.

And in all the ways the name of publishable document will remain “XYZPublishDocument”

This is what I want to clarify as its mentioned in the very first chapter of “Publish-Subscribe Developer’s Guide”

Hope you misunderstood about concept of publish-subscribe mechanism in broker.

It will not overwrite the publishable document when the event occur in adapter(database). When the event (like insert) occurs in your database side, it will form the modified data in the format of publishable document structure and send to broker.

For more info about publish-subscribe, I will suggest you to refer “Publish_Subscribe_Developers_Guide.pdf”

Hi Arul,
I was going triugh JDBC Adapter PDF and found one section where Java built IN services explained and it is mentioned that services resides in the WmJDBCAdapter but on developer i could see only two services listed not the others. Can you pleae help how i can see other services explained in the PDF.


I could see many services (8) from Developer under WmJDBCAdapter package. Please double check the following…

  1. This package is fully loaded or partial?
  2. check your ACL associated with the user which you were trying to login developer. I could see most of the services using READ ACL as “”

Hi Arul,
Package is fully loaded and i am using Administrator user for log in. Please suggest.:confused: