Adapter notification

Adapter Notification not running
I been using JDBC for the past integration in WM6.1 and able to use most of the features with no problem of JDBC Adapter. I just started to use Adapter Notification for the first time as If some thing is inserted, modified or deleted I need to get notification ,
To start with I created the modification Notification to monitor the given table in
SQL data base . as Webmethod will create a Publishable Document along with that service ,
I also created the one trigger and handling service( service just to debug to log) to Subscribe to that Publishable document. Now as every thing is in place ,I manually modified using SQL Analyzer (Enterprise Manager ) to modify that particular table ,
And the when I see nothing in error log ,means that document is not getting fired when there is any modification on that target table .

Is there thing I am doing wrong Or its Webmethods Problem or its Permission Issue while accessing the database .

I will appreciate your responses
Thanks every one .


This behaviour could be due to privileges/triggering DB/synonyms issue while acessing adapter notification connecting to that SQL please make sure that webMethods have with necessary privileges using notification.Also make sure that trigger service input signature having with fully qualified publishable documenttype name.


Hi Kitt,
I hope you very well know this but you missed this point in your Post. YOu have to enable the notification using the IS Administrator. And also make sure your service has in input the fully qualified name of the publishable doc.

thank a TON Pradeep and RMG ,
I really missed that point for enabling that trigger.
I really appreciate Webmethods Folks who is keeping this thing going …



glad to know…it is working…


You are welcome kittt