Adapter License


In webMethods is there any license Issue by utilizing the adapter connecting to external application (in Production) like how other EAI tools does?

Example: if JDBC adapter connecting from IS1 to DB1, will webMethods charge by Units (say 8 Units for Databases, 16 Units for ERP etc where each unit costs around 2-4k Pounds or Dollars or based on tie-up)? Similarly if JDBC adapter connecting from IS1 & IS2 to DB1 then it will be around 16 Units (assuming 8 Units for each DB connection and where IS1 & IS2 pertains to same Organisation say xyz).

I am new to wM environment where i have experience in other EAI tools.

Anyone please let me know the info as atpresent we are going to start the design for our project.


webMethods suite of products typically use a per processor based license for the core products. In your example of connecting to external databases, you would not incur any additional charges other that what is paid for the core product(Integration Server in this case) regardless of the number of connections. So if you run the Integration Server on a two processor machine, then you purchase a two processor license etc…You can then connect it to as many targets and sources as you like but you can on run the Integration Server on that one physical two cpu machine or two one cpu machines. Your sales rep can give you more details but that’s it in a nutshell.