Licensing scheme

I’m in the process of aquiring version 8 license for IS, Broker, TN, OFX, MWS. AFAIK, wM product runs on per core licensing scheme. So to my understanding it shouldn’t make any different in between CPU hardware architecture (x86 vs PPC). I found that someone is trying to take me for a ride when being informed it’ll cost extra if latest model of hardware (16 cores) from the same vendor in comparsion to a 2yo hardware (8 cores). It’s obvious that there’s no black and white licensing cost of their website, however I’m curious if it’s just me that the way I’ve been approached for licensing cost is a ripped off and therefore should be challenged. Any thought??

Software and hardware companies will always attempt to maximize their profits, its how they remain in business. Your company, however, does not share their goal. Not sure whether you have multiple choices for resellers, but certainly investigate that or buying direct from SoftwareAG.

Challenge everything, negotiate everything.

I recently found it was cheaper to buy all new x86 blades with a lower core density than to license a particular product (an in-memory object cache) on the client’s existing blades which were 32-cores each (IBM HX5’s).

You can also get serious about moving to another integration platform. Never hurts to have competitive bids during license negotiations.

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