ADANUC Temporary File Location

I’m trying to set the location of ADABAS 5 ADANUC temporary files. The ADABAS 5 documentation “Temporary Working Space” says that it will either look for the environment variables TEMPLOC1 and TEMPLOC2, or it will check the DBnnn.INI for TEMPORARY_LOCATION or it will create them in the $ADADIR/dbnnn directory.

I would like to use the DBnnn.INI file to specify the location, but I’m unclear where or how to specify the TEMPORARY_LOCATION entry. It says to refer to the “ADABAS Extended Operations” documentation, but I can find no mention to ADANUC temporary files or the TEMPORARY_LOCATION entry.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Just append the following to your dbnnn.ini file:

TEMPLOC1 = <temporary_location_path>

or set it from the DBA workbench:

Select the database, then from the menu

Administrate -> Locations -> Temporary Location

Thanks for the quick response.

Trying to figure thinks out on my own, I found the tempory location in ADADBA. Once I set it, I saw how it was defined within DBnnn.INI.

By the way… What is the “reserved” location?


The “reserved location” is used for auto-expansion when a database container becomes full. You’ll have to specify OPTIONS=AUTO_EXPAND to activate it.

Thanks for the information. I found it in the ADABAS docs under “Containers”…

:lol: What?! Could it not have been called the “AUTO-EXPAND” location?

Take care and have a great day!


That would have been too easy, wouldn’t it ? :wink:

Thanks, same to you !