ADADCU on Windows - Missing Timezone Database

Hi all,

I’m working in Windows (Server 2012 R2) with Adabas 6.6.

What I’m looking to do, is to read existing files in my DB and write their FDT in the format required for DCUFDT so that I can easily modify and re-upload the file while doing development work. I’ve found a similar tool in the Adabas Manager program, however I was hoping to have the command-line utility at my disposal as well.

Under Solaris, this would work by doing:

adauld db=240 file=7 numrec=1
adadcu dcufdt

However, whenever I attempt to run adadcu dcufdt, I get the following:

%ADADCU-I-STARTED,      16-MAY-2019 08:52:52, Version (Windows 64Bit)

%ADADCU-E-NOTZ, No timezone database found

The documentation for ADADCU states that TZ can be specified, but that by default it will pick UTC. Further, that the available options for the TZ parameter are equal to a list called the ‘Olsun Database’, with a link to a non-existent website.

To the best of my knowledge, all timezone related information is in UTC in our DB. Has anyone else had success running ADADCU on Windows, or is this an unsupported utility?

FYI: Running ADADCU FDT displays the FDT of the unloaded record, but still returns the E-NOTZ error at the end of execution. So ADADCU is able to access the file and read the FDT. Attempting ADADCU FIELDS=AA or MUPE_OCCURRANCES all return the E-NOTZ error.

The demo Employees file (#009) has a Time field and a couple of System Time fields, but none use the TZ option. Both

adadcu dcufdt


adadcu dcufdt tz=

run successfully. (I, too, am running Adabas 6.6 on Windows Server 2012R2.)

Have you tried the tz= option, that is, without a TZ file, as above?

Thanks Ralph,

I was able to get it to work.

My issue appeared to be that I was attempting to run both ADAULD and ADADCU from a standard command line, instead of launching the ‘Start Command Prompt’ Adabas v6.60 environment. There appear to be environment variables such as ‘TZ’ which do not resolve unless this environment is properly set.

I was able to get all the FDT details out of the record once I attempted to repeat the commands this way.