ADABAS with Informatica (Power Exchange)

Hi Friends,

I could retrieve a similar thread discussed more than 2 years back. Does someone have any insight on this?

Have certain questions related to this.

What is it you would like to do? Software AG has a number of products that might be a good fit depending on your needs.

Adabas SQL Gateway allows Adabas to be seen as an ODBC data source, which may allow you to use common ETL products with Adabas as a target (you would have to check with your ETL vendor on the use of ODBC connected databases).

Adabas Event Replicator could also be used to replicate Adabas changes to Adabas or other data targets.

I am guessing there is at least one solution for you… please elaborate on what you want to do.


We are researching Adabas with Informatica Power Exchange and facing few configuration related issues on both the ends. Hence was trying to look for some guidance as found this topic was discussed earlier. Seems some folks here can shade some light on it.


We’ve been using PowerExchange for about 5 years now. There are a number of workflows that access ADABAS on the mainframe but we are looking to eliminate that traffic since ADABAS replicator is now in-house.

We are not using the Information ADABAS/CDC component.

What issues are you having ?

Thanks for the valuable information Jim.

We were struggling on nonreusable versions of few Adabas load modules. It’s been resolved now and successfully established a connection (READ/WRITE).

Appreciate if you share your email id (if you are comfortable) so that we can have an offline discussion on non SAG product.