Adabas Transaction Manager 8.2 project watch


I am responsible for Adabas Transaction Manager in Software AG R&D. Similar to the other client-based products, I thought it would be interesting to tell you the things we are working on in the next wave. Here’s a few words on the main things…

  1. Perform more coordinated operations.
    Adabas Transaction Manager will introduce support for coordinating things such as TTSYN, STOPU, STOPI and others. Example, a client session may be operating in several databases and the administrator needs to STOPU the session in all places. Transaction Manager is aware of all databases where the client session is active, and so can propagate the STOPU when asked to do so.

  2. Dynamic control of transaction time limits.
    Introduce dynamic control of transaction time limits. In general this is needed when trying to shut down the system, administrators sometimes need to be able to force transactions out of the system.

  3. Online administration (SYSATM) - security
    Allow functions to be secured in RACF (etc), this requires Adabas SAF Security to be installed.

  4. Crash-recoverable DTR
    Dynamic transaction routing systems (such as CICS/MRO, CICS/plex, etc) are able to be resilient in cases of component outage, automatically routing existing sessions to remaining components. Support for these types of systems will be introduced.

  5. Singe-seat administration.
    All client sessions in all client jobs across multiple systems to be monitored from a single online session.

  6. System-wide newcopy - along with other client-based products.
    Allow the administrator to stimulate dynamic re-load of the main kernel of the product to allow maintenance fixes to be adopted 24*7. This is in line with similar facilities in Fastpath, the facilities will become integrated.

  7. Common tracing
    The ability to trace individual client Adabas command activity with information about Vista processing for translation/partitioning. This is in line with similar facilities in Fastpath (etc), integrated.

  8. APIs
    The will be a further evolution of APIs to allow manipulation of Vista configuration (IMPORT/EXPORT) so that configuration can be manipulated programmatically - and therefore copied from file to file etc. Also, further APIs to provide more statistical runtime information.

There are plenty more changes of a smaller nature. I hope you find this information useful.

Best regards,