ADABAS SOA Database Join

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Hi all,

is there anyone out there who can give me some hints how to handle a database join with Adabas SOA Gateway with Java.
When generating the java classes with WSDL2Java it will generate 10 or 12 classes for each endpoint. So when accessing 3 endpoints I will get up to 36 or so classes.

Is there any way to reduce that number. Which files can I assemble, which not?

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all of these classes are generated from the WSDL, so you can’t skip any of them.
There’s no “common code”, so for two files to be accessed / joined, you’ll need all the classes for those files.

We are considering providing our own, light-weight wrapper instead of (or better: in addition to, you’ll still be able to use) Axis, this would reduce the number of generated classes.


Does this applies to PHP programming model too ?


Nope, because you don’t have to “pre-generate” something with PHPsoap, it’s all done at runtime, as in:

$soapclient = new SoapClient( "http://soagate:8082/adabas/EmployeesMini?WSDL" );
$functions = $soapclient->__getFunctions();
$types = $soapclient->__getTypes();
$AdabasEmployeeListKey = array ('personnel_id'=> '300001*', 'firstName'=>'', 'name'=>'', 'city'=>'');
$Adabasresponse = $soapclient->list($AdabasEmployeeListKey);